About Us

Sharkey's Glass Bottom Tours started operations in August of 2019 with only 6 glass bottom kayaks and 1 vehicle and rig. Today we are in 5 different cities throughout Florida and have over 7 vehicles and rigs with over 60 Glass Bottom Kayaks operating every day. 

Throughout the years doing our tours we have directly seen the demise of our oceans, waterways, and beaches because of plastic pollution and fish and sea-life deaths from Red Tide Algae Blooms. We realized we couldn't make the difference we wanted to on a large scale with our tour operations so we started Sharkey's Ecowear. Our Mission is to remove trash from our oceans and coastal communities while switching our focus to saving sea-life and removing dead fish when Red Tide Algae Blooms attack our shorelines! We actually use a good portion of the funds from Sharkey's Ecowear and Gear sales to pay employees to clean up and to purchase mini boats and Ebikes with bike trailers and place them at all of our locations as we open them worldwide!

Help us to make a difference and Join Our Mission to Save Our Seas!          


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