Collection: We Use Our E-Bikes With Trailers To Clean Up Our Coastal Communities!

We use our E-Bikes with trailers to pickup trash along our coastal communities before it gets into our waterways and oceans. We especially look for any plastics as they can cause harm to our sea-life! We also look for seabirds that may be sick or hurt especially during Red Tide Algae Blooms and call in the Seabird Sanctuaries to rescue and nurse them back to good health. We have also saved seabirds especially pelicans and seagulls that have been entangled in fishing lines and hooks. Our clothing and gear sales supports these special cleanup missions that we directly do so follow us at and our social media channels to watch all of our locations daily and what we're doing out there to make a difference! We're more than a Brand We're A Mission!    

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